From training videos to hot-rod racing

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Summer Isle Films: From training videos to hot-rod racing

Creativity and innovation are the driving force behind Summer Isle Films founder Tom Newman and his brother, Ben Newman.

From major brands including Coca Cola, Shell, AXA and GKN Aerospace to government, local authorities and charities, the sheer diversity of Summer Isle’s portfolio demonstrates their versatility in telling compelling stories for their clients.

Sitting in their impressive custom-built production facility at Clopton Park, Tom explains “It’s all about being agile and responsive, we work together as a family.  We’re part of a client’s team, they’re part of ours, it’s a creative collaboration that builds trust.”

"It’s all about being agile and responsive,
we work together as a family"

Ben agrees that the family ethos extends to everyone who works with them, from camera operators to editors, producers to sound engineers, copywriters to production assistants.

“We’re honest with each other and are all involved in the creative process for clients’ projects.”


The company moved to Clopton Park in 2021 and now offers an infinity cove studio with performer dressing room and makeup areas, two video editing suites, a large co-working space and conference room and their own offices.

Summer Isle had total flexibility when they moved in: “We were able to configure each part of the buildings as we wanted,” explains Tom. “We love working in the country overlooking fields, plus it’s close to where we live. The high-speed 100Mb broadband is essential for our video work. We shoot a huge amount on location, or we can produce music videos, record voiceovers, do product shoots and edit, all at our studios.”

Working across such a broad range of markets, Tom and Ben Newman have grown their business to embrace training films, product videos, sports and other live events, social media video, advertising, corporate work and animation. 

Many projects are completed entirely in-house, with a dedicated studio and edit suites offering a faster turnaround without having to outsource. They work closely with creative agencies and clients across the UK and overseas to provide a one-stop-shop for video content.

Seeing high demand for videos of hot rod, stock car and banger racing, they teamed up with Spedeworth Motorsports, Europe’s top oval motorsport promoter, to provide a subscription channel: Spedeworth TV. 

Content from tracks around England, Scotland and Northern Ireland is recorded, edited and uploaded by Summer Isle Films to the platform.  Says Tom, “It gives the sports worldwide coverage with seven or eight meetings available each week.”

Adds Ben Newman, “We’re always growing, that makes the business exciting and dynamic with new projects all year round. We’re a unique creative team.”


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