All signs point to Clopton Park

Our business stories: inspiration at Clopton Park

RM Phoenix: All signs point to Clopton Park

You can’t miss the distinctive signage at Clopton Park. From the entrance road banners to direction signs and branding on every unit, the signage has impact. Many companies spend a fortune on branding, and interactive digital signage has grown hugely. But printed signage is still vital for branding, directions, information or promotion, even in our digital world.


All Clopton Park signage is produced onsite by Graham Botting at RM Phoenix, often to tight deadlines.


Visiting his print works is an eye-opener. Large format ink-jet printers that can run 24 hours a day allow Graham to set up a job and monitor it remotely while he gets on with other tasks or even relaxes at home! Traditional screen printing is still used, particularly for specialist jobs such as printing on objects or for colours such as fluorescent that ink-jet printers cannot provide.

"I work 12 hours a day,
five days a week"

But the digital revolution has taken over, as a digital printer can do in 12 hours what a manual silk-screen press would take up to eight days to complete.


“Digital printing can run itself,” explains Graham. “Once the machines are set up I can focus on printing or cutting anything from business cards to vehicle vinyls. Digital presses have replaced traditional litho presses for leaflets and brochures, allowing me to do high volume runs in colour without spending hours monitoring the machines.”


The purpose-built double-height print works at Clopton Park give Graham complete flexibility, as the various printing machines, finishing equipment and a high-tech guillotine for cutting are heavy, and require a large amount of space. 

The range of signage and print work is remarkable, from self-adhesive labels, shop signage, window filming and vehicle graphics to bespoke shapes, brochures, business cards and stationery.


During the pandemic, as Graham works largely solo, he was able to continue his business to handle high demand for Covid signage.  As a Suffolk based business for over 28 years, he covers East Anglia and has built an enviable reputation for high quality and on-time delivery. 

“I work 12 hours a day five days a week,” Graham adds. “But I keep weekends free for family and golf!”

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